She  was so inspiring. Back during her Stripped era I even wrote a poem about her. It’s sad that she obviously feels like she achieve all goals she set: release her first album before graduating HS, rebel against candy-pop image, go retro, become a mom… and “have big boobs like her mom” (fake though) - and lost interest in making music that touches souls, promoting it or even taking vocal coaching to get rid of that terrible moaning she gained during past few yrs after Bionic, that makes her belting sound like constipation seasoned with heavy growling. To let such platinum incrusted with diamonds pipes go to waste is so stupid. I hope for the next album she prepares something good, powerful and sounding like Christina Aguilera with all that promo. Even if it’s her last album. Farewell should be better than Lotus or a collaboration.

Backstreet Boys In A World Like This - First Lines (insp)

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Still my favorite Aguilera’s album and tour DVD

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"Christina Aguilera"

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Back To Basics

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